12 STEPS TO FREEDOM: Create the Life you Want

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Have you ever had a passion you wanted to pursue? Have you ever felt like you reached a glass ceiling and you want to break through to bigger and better things? Does it feel like your dream has been sidelined by life (children, work, husband/wife, or other things)? Well you’re in the right place. I hear so many folks tell me their dreams, passions and desires for their lives, but then make excuses why they can’t achieve their goals or realize their dreams. Though I understand them, I am amazed at how great their ideas are, but how limiting their thoughts are towards reaching those dreams & passions.

I have developed a 12 step system for those who want to follow a passion they’ve been sitting on, and don’t know how to get started. Here is your quick guide. If you want a more in depth look at how you can attain the greatness that lives inside you, you can also view my video about Living the Life You Want on my YouTube Channel: Click below!


STEP 1 GET YOUR FINANCIAL ACT TOGETHER Set up a written budget, and create a plan for your money. Once you set a personal budget you can also create a budget for your passion, business, or hobby.

STEP 2 FIGURE OUT YOUR TRUE PASSION There is nothing like chasing a lot of objectives at once. You never make any progress on any one ambition when you are simultaneously pursuing multiple goals, thoughts & ideas. Find out the mission that gives you a reason to wake up early and get going. It needs to be something that excites you. Ask yourself if you could do anything every day for the rest of your life, what would that be? Do that.

STEP 3 MOVE FORWARD WITH SMALL STEPS DAILY TOWARDS YOUR GOAL Once you figure out your true passion, then it will be time to create some type of structure to bring your passion to fruition. Small steps daily will get it done.

STEP 4 CREATE A WRITTEN PLAN & SCHEDULE Write it down!! If you don’t organize, plan, and write down your passion & dreams, they are just wishes. People with a plan are several times more likely to make something happen if they put it down on paper.

STEP 5 DREAM. PLAN. EXECUTE. Follow the written plan from the previous step, and EXECUTE that written plan for your passion day by day. Execution is key.

STEP 6 MONITOR YOUR RESULTS THROUGH ANALYTICS & ADJUST YOUR TACTICS This is the part some of you can relate to. I don’t like looking at spreadsheets and graphs, but this is important to focus on who your customers and supporters are, and the best way to reach them. If you don’t want to do it, make sure to find someone who can with the heart of a teacher to break things down to you and tell you the direction you should be going in. Then, adjust your tactics to mirror what you discover.

STEP 7 BE PATIENT Today is the era of instant gratification. Success doesn’t happen overnight. Patience is a virtue. Lots of data and research emphasizes the tortoise and hare scenario. Slow and steady wins the race.

STEP 8 BE CONSISTENT When you engage with your audience, set up content at a recurring time frame. For instance if you schedule a blog post, a social media post, a YouTube video, or any other content, try to keep a consistent schedule throughout. Your supporters and customers will be expecting it once you set a specific time and date that you will release your material.

STEP 9 DON’T EVER QUIT Being an entrepreneur and living the life you want is going to require some perseverance and determination. You will feel like quitting if you haven’t taken the time to practice the previous 8 steps. When we see results, we become more enthusiastic. When we see the needle move, it gives us motivation to continue. But what about when we aren’t progressing as quickly as we’d hoped? Sometimes our success is right around the corner from Patience Avenue, but many of us don’t take the time to win, and we want to give up when we feel it doesn’t work in the time we want it to.

STEP 10 WIN & EXPAND Once you hit your mark, shift into overdrive. This isn’t the time to quit! Look at expanding, but grow your business in a calculated way, ensuring that you are doing the research and vetting potential deals to make sure they are good for your company and your brand.

STEP 11 INVEST IN YOURSELF Take the time to increase your knowledge at every turn. Read read read! Anything and everything related to what you want to do, there is a book that tells you how. And even better than that, there are best practices for any area of expertise. This investment always pays off! There is always a return on investment, and it can never be taken away from you.

STEP 12 TAKE A BREAK You can experience burnout if you never take the time out to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Once you’ve created the culture, the company, the vision, and the brand you’ve always wanted, take a break. Go on vacation, spend some time with family, take some time just for you. Focus on something ELSE other than your business to open that relief valve. Then you can get back to work. This is just as important as any of the other 11 steps that we have gone over thus far.



Thanks for allowing me to sow positive seeds into your lives. Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity to you in your life, your business, and your love! Thank you for reading!

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