11 Core Concepts to Relationship Building

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There are a set of basic principles when implemented, will give people a better shot at having great relationships. On your journey to becoming a better person, spouse, mother, father, brother or sister, there are a few core concepts I’ve developed based on my book “The Truth” that you should become proficient at to experience what a great relationship feels like.

Relationships take a lot of hard work and consistency, just like anything else that we have to give an effort to maintain. I’ve given you a guideline; a blueprint to making it work.- M.D. Rivers

Core Concept 1-Finish the Way You Begin

When we initially court someone, we are on our best behavior, and we go out of our way to do special things for the person we are trying to court. Why don’t we maintain that same level of enthusiasm and dedication? We should. This concept isn’t new, but is rarely practiced. This will put you ahead of the curve if you just finish the way you begin. If you started buying her flowers every month, then continue this further into the relationship. If you started out giving him back rubs, then continue down the line in the relationship.

Core Concept 2-Get Everything Out on the Table

Be honest, and straightforward at the onset. If you tell the person the things you like and dislike, your core values, and so forth, it will prevent surprises later on that neither person was ready for. And take a person at their word. Don’t ever think you will be the “special” one who changes them.

Core Concept 3-Practice the Basics

Be a gentleman. Treat a lady with respect. Have some integrity. For ladies, act like a respectable woman, don’t be easy, demand respect, & leave the attitude at home. This is basic, but you would be amazed at how many people don’t implement this concept.

Core Concept 4-Exercise Your Standards

Don’t just allow any old person to occupy your time. People waste time every day on trivial things, or on people who don’t aim to give us the best version of themselves. Have some standards, and of course within reason exercise those standards. Usually when you bend these too much, you won’t be too happy with the results. Stay the course.

Core Concept 5-People are Still Human

No one is perfect. There is a lot of pressure when you expect a human person to be perfect. It is good to have high expectations and standards, but people are still human. They make mistakes. Extend to them some grace if they do happen to screw up. Since no one is perfect, they will remember and reciprocate understanding when you screw up.


Core Concept 6-Always Be Yourself

How many times have you seen people change their whole persona when it comes to that person that just does it for them? Don’t do that. In the end, giving up a little of who you are will cause discomfort, some pain, and in the end, misery. Be who you are. Don’t change the things that make you unique. If a person accepts you for you, you won’t have to change any of your core values.

Core Concept 7-Leave the Extra Stuff (Baggage Claim)

Haven’t we all been hurt before? Lied to? Maybe mislead or manipulated? At some point we will all deal with this in some form or fashion. The real trick in personal development and growth is not to let these things make us bitter. We should learn from our mistakes, but we must be very careful to start out new relationships fresh. It is one of the most difficult things to do after we’ve been hurt, lied to, or manipulated. If you aren’t ready to trust fully and start fresh, don’t get into a relationship until you are.

Core Concept 8-The Gift of Marriage

Sex is a gift of marriage. Don’t deny your partner that love connection. This is basic but there are so many who use sex as a punishment to get what they want. They use it as leverage to get their partner to perform some desired action. Do I need to say that this WILL lead to cheating? Even if you’re upset, or holding a grudge about something they did, oftentimes being intimate relieves some stress, and lightens the mood to discuss important issues. It’s important. Do your duty.

Core Concept 9-Give Them Some Swag (exercise your confidence)

For people like me, it took a long time to build my confidence. But I realized that the fear I was feeling was only in my mind. All a person can say is yes or no. But just having the courage and confidence to walk up to someone you may be feeling makes a bold statement. Try it. What do you have to lose? All they can do is say no and you’ll have lost nothing. But if they say yes, then you’ve gained everything.


Core Concept 10-Keep Your Business Private

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post and video “6 Tips to Help you Manage Social Media & Relationships” not to publish details of your personal life on social media and why you shouldn’t. A private life is a happy life. Try it and I guarantee it will change some things.

Core Concept 11-Face Fears & Don’t Digress (graduation)

When you graduate, you realize the most important things outweigh those little trivial things you think are important. Checking their phones and social media are signs of a lack of trust. Just digress when you have the urge to check behind your partner. Trust is among the most important building blocks of a relationship. Could you be afraid of getting cheated on? Sure. Are you afraid of being misled, manipulated, or lied to? We all are. But this is when you face your fears, and give it your all. Conversely, worrying will cause you to digress and lose traction in your relationship.


These are my 11 core concepts to relationship building. Try practicing these if what you’ve been doing isn’t working. You will see results. If what you’ve been doing is working, these are things you can add to your arsenal. You also have to be consistent. Change is good sometimes. You should try it.

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Relationships affect everyone. If you have an argument or disagreement with a spouse or partner, it could cause you to have a bad day. And when you have a truly special moment, you could feel like you’re on cloud nine all day!

I’m dedicated to helping you build those quality relationships. That’s why I’ve written an entire book to help you out in this area.



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