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Everyone wants love. They chase it with vigor and vicious pursuit. This is what we want. But everyone has a different idea of what love really means to them, and this is how we get to it. Following these 5 quick steps will help put the pieces of the puzzle together again, or it will solidify a budding relationship.

The 5 tips on staying in a healthy, meaningful relationship

1. STAY FAITHFUL. This is simple enough, but people never practice it. There are reasons that it doesn’t get implemented. At the root of its cause is complacency. Relationships can work, but both people have to work at it. Over time, people lose sight of the other person in the relationship. They stop romancing them, they stop pleasing them, they stop doing those little things like sending a text message just to tell them they’re beautiful. They stop giving them attention. These things fester. The resulting action is the neglected person in the relationship ends up seeking validation in these areas from someone else. The result? Infidelity. Stay faithful to the things that breed good relationships.  Stay faithful to good principles like catering to your spouse, and showing them attention. And stay faithful to the person.

2. MAKE THEM FEEL WANTED. Everyone needs love and wants to know what it feels like to be important in someone else’s life. We all need validation that we are doing something important for the people we love. We want to know that we matter. Make them feel like they are the most important thing in your life before everything else.

3. RESPECT YOUR PARTNER. Set boundaries. Then respect those boundaries. Every person is different, so some people’s threshold for different actions and situations are a stark contrast to others. Talk about the areas that bother you and once those boundaries are discovered, don’t cross the line, and don’t allow anyone to cross that line. It has to be reciprocal.

4. DON’T FLIRT WITH OTHERS. Some people are kind by nature. I am one of those people. Some people take kindness for the wrong gesture. But don’t be purposely flirtatious. Flirting leads to other things. A compliment is okay, but a lingering conversation about that compliment is not. You should be able to determine how far to take it. Here is the rule of thumb: DON’T FLIRT WITH OTHERS. If you avoid it altogether, the conversations and situations that arise over time when you develop that connection with someone won’t even begin to take place.

5. MAKE TIME. This can be difficult for people who work long hours, who are single parents, or entrepreneurs and business owners. Life sometimes throws things at you that require lots of your time. But a quick solution that you can implement right away is something cliché, but effective. Build a schedule or write a list. Do both. On paper is the best way, but if you needed an app to do it, I would recommend the EVERNOTE app, and many successful entrepreneurs and business owners use it. But it is just as effective for personal scheduling and note taking as well.

Be intentional about where your time goes during the day, week, and month. Writing down your tasks, goals, and things you do with your time tremendously helps with time management. It will reveal extra “slots” of time you may not have noticed you had. Make time for dates, just special bonding time with your mate, sex, and other things that build relationships. Maybe you can plan to go to the park every Saturday and have a picnic. Maybe you can take a hike or a walk together and enjoy the fresh air. Maybe you can schedule a date night every week and do something even if its eat ice cream, popcorn, and watch a movie.


“These are just a few ideas that you can implement right now to build a healthy relationship. Take time to implement these 5 quick steps, and watch the transformation take place in your life.”

The area of relationships is such a major factor in people’s lives that it can affect their standard of living. That’s why I’ve devoted entire chapters to addressing these issues in my book. To get an in-depth guide to navigating relationships, check out my book, The Truth: Keeping it 100, The Blueprint to Relationships.


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