WHAT’S YOUR RROI? (Relationship Return on Investment)


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Recognizing 3 tips to help keep your partner satisfied. “There’s a saying that whatever you won’t do, someone else will…”



Nothing in this world is free. Relationships are no exception. When an investor makes an investment, and he doesn’t get a proper ROI (return on investment), he withdraws his money and replaces it with an investment that has a higher ROI. In regards to relationships, if you don’t have a high RROI (Relationship return on investment-that’s trademarked lol) you will be replaced.

I’m going to divert a bit to make a correlation to relationships. In the workforce and industrial sector, this industry has a body that comes up with safety rules as a standard. OSHA is a regulatory body that makes up safety rules for almost all safety instances for all companies really worldwide. There is a phrase we use in the industry to describe their regulations and rules. We say they were all “written in blood.” Literally someone has been hurt or killed, and a rule was made to mitigate the safety hazard. In that same regard, everything I write is a result of a past experience that I learned the hard way, and unfortunately had to go through to receive the knowledge from that experience. All these blog posts and books are “written in blood.” Here is what I learned about getting back what you put out in relationships.

Relationships cost money. Period. Nothing is free. Men are going to end up paying for lots of things when he has a family, or even just a girlfriend/spouse. If you’re a man and you’re the head, you’ll pay the rent or mortgage, all the bills, all the medical expenses, you’ll be buying all the groceries, and so many other expenses that never get mentioned. Hair and nail appointments, sports fees for the kiddos, medical expenses if any of them have problems, co pays for medicine., and all that. Not to mention dinners, trips & vacations, and romantic gestures, gifts, etc. I said all that to say there will be an immense amount of money, time, and sacrifice for a man in a relationship. So to give all that, and then to get a low RROI, he won’t stay upside down on that investment for long.


What am I saying? Play your Role. I’ve written an entire book on this subject (Staying 100). Some old school people use this phrase: “what you won’t do someone else will.” Do your very best in your relationship to give as much as you receive. Sometimes it may not be readily apparent to notice those things your spouse does that never get notoriety. It is up to you to recognize that, and play your part. I’ve been out here talking to people of all walks of life from all across the world. This “single” status is real. There are a ton of single eligible female bachelors especially in major metropolitan areas. Don’t make is easy for the “clean up woman” to get your man’s love to coin a phrase in a song by Betty Wright.

There are tons of single women looking for good men. Don’t let yours be the one they employ. Lots of women say that if he leaves he was never yours to begin with, and that’s just not true. If you don’t play your role, someone else will be entertaining him. The phenomenon was described to me a few years ago when I was writing my first book. Recently in a few polls and talking to a few people, there are still indications that the selection of eligible bachelors is a tightly held race for women.

There are more available women than men, and that makes the marketplace for finding a viable candidate very competitive. Relationships, if you’ve been catching the parallels to business are akin. Works much the same way to succeed. It behooves you to take care of your man if you have one, and hold tight to him. Do your duty. The more you do, the higher your RROI. Men are pretty simple so if you can’t even do the basic things he likes, you probably don’t have a great RROI, and he’s probably looking at your replacement as you’re reading this.

What’s the Moral of the story? Take care of your man. Raise your RROI. You can do that by playing your role. You can also read some of my other blog posts, and my book, The Truth: Keeping it 100 which is a detailed blueprint on how you can accomplish that.




Here are 3 takeaways you can implement to raise your RROI (Relationship Return on Investment)

Takeaway 1– Do your very best in your relationship to give as much as you receive. “What you won’t do someone else is probably willing to do.”
Takeaway 2– Cater to your man– this includes back rubs, cooking dinner, doing things that money can’t buy. Maybe try subtle things like throw his robe in the dryer (if he has one-if he doesn’t have one, get him one, and some slippers). Then have it ready for him when he gets out of the shower along with his slippers so once he gets done showering and drying off, his robe and slippers are waiting for him. These are things money can’t buy. (this goes for both sexes) “Do things for people money can’t buy.”
Takeaway 3– Tell them randomly you appreciate them. “Commit to random acts of kindness.” Sometimes doing something for no reason can make all the difference between a bad week, or a few random bouts of spontaneous love making for no reason.

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These are a few ideas that you can implement right now to start building a healthy relationship, and watch a transformation in your relationships. Click below to share it!click-to-tweetRelationships affect everyone. If you have an argument or disagreement with a spouse or partner, it could cause you to have a bad day. And when you have a truly special moment, you could feel like you’re on cloud nine all day!

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