8 Essential Tips on Sex and Intimacy


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When everyone thinks of intimacy, they do automatically associate it with sex. But is that the only element to intimacy?

Most people are inclined to believe so, but intimacy also includes things you do for your partner that make them smile, feel happy, and enjoy life. Sex is a big part of intimacy, but the things you do over time on a daily or weekly basis is also a part of your complete intimate experience. So I’ve outlined 8 essential tips you need to recognize and implement to make your intimate experience the best it can be.


Intimacy includes things like buying them roses for no special reason, or telling them how much you appreciate them.

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Tip 1. Don’t be Confused. One of the most important things about sex is not to let good sex confuse your heart and make you think you are in love. Having sex is an intimate connection, and is often confused with love, or with loving a person, or with being in love with a person. A person might say they love you during sex, or they might say it to get you to have sex with them, but look at it for what it really is. Being intimate with a person should be pure and sincere. The culture of sex today is about instant gratification. Great sex for most people takes time and effort.

Tip 2. It’s not love at first sight. You can’t truly know a person from the moment you meet them. And if a person tells you they love you after a short time, they probably are caught up in the newness of a relationship. And if the sex is good that only heightens the sensation of that feeling.

Tip 3. Don’t be promiscuous. I’m going to be real. Those of us who are sexually active may struggle with this one. We may find it difficult to resist the temptation of the forbidden fruit. I mean c’mon, if we’re honest with ourselves, who doesn’t like to be held? Who doesn’t like that feeling that gives you that feeling and makes you feel special? We struggle sometimes with wanting something but not holding out for the right something. This sometimes leads to promiscuity. Be careful not to get the reputation of being promiscuous. Save something for the guy you want to be yours.


Tip 4. Get to know the person. People in today’s relationship realm start having sex before they even get the chance to know each other. Give yourself time to get to know the person, and develop that familiarity, closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, friendship, affection and warmth you will need for a sustainable intimate connection and relationship.

Tip 5. Make them Earn it. Nothing is free in life so why should your sweet goods be any different? Your body should be a temple. You have to be very careful how you treat it, and who you give access to it. Make them earn your love and affection. When intimacy is done right, it is something worth waiting for.

Tip 6. Be optimistic. Be totally open to trying anything once. If you don’t want him paying attention to other women, then you have to do that stuff your guy likes. Of course I’m not talking about threesomes or anything in that realm.

#dailytipsbymario -run a hot bath for your partner and bathe them.

Tip 7. Don’t withhold the sweet stuff. Give up the sex. Make sure you’re the only thing on his mind. He will love the fact that you know how to cater to your man, and you can put it down in the bedroom. You’ll have equity in this man forever, provided you don’t lose sight of the fact men need sex.

Tip 8. Talk about it and practice. Have a conversation about sex. Yes, talk about it. Mention the things you like and don’t like, and have fun making your sex lives great by adjusting to these conversations. Practice a lot once you make the adjustments!


(from my #dailytipsbymario relationship tips). Wear lingerie sometimes. Men don’t always want to see you in pajamas and grandma underwear. Show some skin.


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I’m always trying to create value for you, and I’ve come up with a quick infographic checklist you can download with these 8 essential tips from my library of FREE resources. To get your FREE DOWNLOAD, Click the yellow bar above! These are 8 tips that will help create a deeper connection once you recognize and implement these tips. And remember, sex isn’t the only consideration.

Before you ever have sex, you should consider several other factors. Gestures of kindness for the one you love are intimate. Buying them flowers for no reason, or renting a hotel room for a red light special getaway for a night with rose pedals, or taking them to their favorite high end restaurant and treating them to dinner are all also intimate gestures.

“These things say you love them and adore them on a level outside of sex alone. The sex is just icing on the cake.”

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