Should you delete your SOCIAL MEDIA profiles if your partner asks?


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You’ll remember I wrote another blog post titled Social media and Relationships, where I talk about the correlation between social media and relationships. We’ll continue to talk about this issue. Especially since social media is prevalent in almost everything we do. (At least 1 billion users as of this writing.)

If your partner demands you delete all your social media profiles as a prerequisite for being with them, should you do it?

We aren’t children first of all. There should be enough respect, communication and consideration in the relationship before we start making demands about what a person can and can’t do. This issue has gotten way out of hand. It’s ridiculous to require someone to terminate all their communication on these platforms, when its become the primary way every one communicates. It has become an integral part of our lives. It’s attached to the fabric of our society. I’ll tell you, people will call me on Facebook’s phone app before they hit my cell phone. Why? I screen my cell phone calls. Sometimes I don’t answer. Most people spend a significant amount of their time on social media so it’s often a preferred method of contacting people. In my experience, when a lot of folks can’t pay their cell phone bill, as long as they can get Wi-Fi they can make a call. I got off track a bit but back to the social media thing, this should never be a demand.

When you make this a requirement, here are a few things you’re telling them:

  • you don’t trust them
  • they’re aren’t mature enough to behave on social media
  • you don’t trust them (lol)
  • you’re insecure about something
  • you are controlling

The 4 Key Areas this focuses On

  1. Trust
  2. Maturity
  3. Insecurity
  4. Being Controlling

Don’t get with a person if you have to monitor their actions. If the problem is you, fix it. Besides, most people will look at you crazy or sideways if you demand they get rid of their social media profiles. I would recommend transparency, because to be truthful, a lot of people do meet and hookup on social media. So pick someone you don’t have to wonder about, or discuss the issue. Simply put.




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