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I know several people who have really great ideas, and I always wondered what kept them from just going for it, and getting it done. It’s fear for some people. It’s challenges that people fear they can’t overcome. I’ll tell you that for me, I’ve always said that I never wanted to be one of those people who wanted to do something, but never got around to doing it. I don’t want to be one of those “I wish I would have” kind of people. If that’s you, I’m here to dispel the rumor that becoming a published author is difficult.

I can only speak from experience so I’ll tell you who I used, and how I got it done. I’ll be brief and as thorough as I can. I’ll use myself as an example to take you from writing my book, to publishing it. You can go step by step following these instructions to make it happen. You’ll get better at it as you publish more books. I’m convinced every one has a book in them. Get your story out. You could have the next million dollar idea or story.


1. First write down the idea you want to write about. Then Make an Outline. A very simple one.

2. Make the outline bullet points like I’m doing here. Under each bullet, write one or two word phrases that are different topics about the idea you wrote down in the first bullet point.

3. After you get all the different phrases, we’ll use a round number and say 10, then beside each phrase (bullet point) save each separate one as a separate word document with the phrase up top, and write any and everything that comes to your mind about that phrase. (It’s not about being perfect here, this is just about gathering ideas)

4. After you’re done, in our example we used 10, you should have 10 separate word documents with those different bullet point phrases you wrote in the outline.

5. Try to turn those phrases atop those word documents into a chapter name. The phrases can very well be the chapter name.

6. Let your thoughts flow freely about each phrase. After you’ve let your thoughts flow freely on each page, you should have a good idea about what you’d call that particular page or “Chapter” (I ended up with several pages for each thought-and that’s what formed the book)

7. Put em’ together! starting with the one you think goes first, to the one you think goes last! You should have a little material at least now. When you put them all together, they’ll be the chapters of the book you’re going to publish.

8. What I do is copy and paste each one into another separate word document, one after the other, which is going to be the file I send to bookbaby.com to publish. Here’s the lineup for one of my next books to show you an example.

9. Combine all the chapters into one word document and send it to bookbaby.com. It has step by step directions on what to do there but it’s pretty simple. I just sent a word or a pdf file. You can even send the regular word file and they’ll convert it for you.

I’m sure there are faster ways to get your thoughts to paper, like a transcriber. There are apps you can use to talk and it turns your speech to text. I’m just trying to get you up and running here. You can get into the fancy stuff after you’ve released your first book.


Your book will represent you forever, so there’s a few things you have to do right. You wouldn’t hire your brother who can tap keys on a piano to play at your wedding would you? Of course not! So these next things need to be done by professionals. I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for a while so I can design my own flyers, book covers, cd covers, etc. But for those of you who can’t it’s not a big deal. We can worry about that later. I highly recommend using Canva. Any one who has a little time can make stunning graphics, covers, flyers, and other things. They even have templates! www.canva.com (All the graphics you see below were done by me, in Canva.)

Here are some important things to note.

TAKE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SHOOT! IT DOESNT COST THAT MUCH. I TOOK MINE AT THE MALL! So if you can’t afford a professional photographer, then go to your local mall or sears, or a place that takes family photos and just get a plain white background. The shot may be plain, but it will be professional and not pixellated. To make some examples, here are photos from my 1st shoot, and my 2nd shoot. It costed me only $75 for each shoot. I got about 3 poses and about 16 to 25 photos high resolution per photo shoot.


GET A PROFESSIONAL TO EDIT IT! You can search Twitter, Facebook, or Google as there are quite a few so find one who edits your kind of stuff. Vet them. Do some research. Check out their work and who else they’ve edited. See if those folks are complaining or singing their praise. I used Keidi Keating at www.yourbookangel.com. (on twitter @Keidi_Keating) She has experience with several different genres and is very reasonably priced. She does excellent work.

GET YOUR COVER TOGETHER! PROFESSIONALLY! If you can’t afford to get a designer, use that picture I told you to take, and put it there with your title. It  may be simple, but at least it will be professional and crisp. If you can’t afford a designer, which can cost a couple hundred books for a good one, simple is okay. As long as its professional. Besides, sometimes less is more. (Try 99designs.com or google 99 designs.)

GET ONE COPY PRINTED FOR $19 WITH BOOKBABY.COM! To see the book in print. Read it in print and you’ll find more errors. You can do this at any time, even before the editor gets it. The editor might take a few weeks. Expect to wait almost a month. I only waited for about 2 to 3 weeks. You have to see what your editor’s load is. Send it all in to bookbaby after you’ve made the necessary final touches to the book. They have several free guides on how to set the book up, etc.

READ!!! YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO SPEND TIME READING A LITTLE BIT ABOUT MARKETING AND ADVERTISING YOUR STUFF, AND GETTING IT TOGETHER FOR PRINT. Bookbaby has free guides on all this stuff. And it’s easy even if you don’t want to read them all, but its going to show when you print those books up. Wait about 2 weeks for your stuff to be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, and about 50 other retailers. Plus they give you 15 free marketing tools to get your book out there! Check them out today http://www.bookbaby.com and I would go for their complete publishing package. Best thing? You own all your own publishing rights, and owner rights. www.bookbaby.com

You can get an eBook done in about 3 to 4 weeks. Your book published in a month! for FREE!! That’s an eBook. But they do get a larger cut of your mula. You can get it done this quickly, but I wouldn’t rush it. My point is that anyone can do it. It’s easier than you think. It just needs to be done. So take all those poems, and all those loose sheets of paper and do something with them.

For Printed copies you can expect them in about 2 weeks. I paid about $600 for editing, and about $1300 for the complete publishing package with 100 printed books, worldwide distribution to more than 60 online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & iBookstore, plus I got print on demand so if anyone orders my book at a Barnes and Noble store or from Amazon, they print it right away and send it to them. (A hardcopy) You will have to invest a little in yourself. But you make your money back selling the books!! (It would have been considerably cheaper if I’d only done the eBook, and no printed copies. The editing goes by word count so the price may vary.)


IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY, YOU CAN STILL PUBLISH AN EBOOK FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE. I would still recommend shelling out the money for editing. Readers will pick you apart! They will know you’re a novice. But if you want it out there, proceed at your own risk. If the first thing a person sees is crap from you, they’ll remember that and research says you probably won’t get another chance.

Don’t get discouraged when you don’t sell right off. It will TAKE TIME. I took me about 2 years to publish because I’m a perfectionist. But you don’t have to take that long. If you have any questions or more details, I’ll answer your questions or I can send you some guides, but START NOW!! DON’T WAIT TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAM AS A WRITER!! HOPE THIS HELPS!

I’ll be coming out with an online training course on this very thing!

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