The Family Dynamic


I saw a problem and I was passionate about fixing it. I’ve noticed that our communities are broken. The idea of family in America is still a tradition. However, the family dynamic has changed and what I’m referring to is how in a lot of our communities, there are several more single parent households.

With both parents in the households, there are roles that each parent needs to play in a child’s life. And when a child is deprived of one parent, either the mother or father, there are certain areas that each has a role to play in the child’s development. They will be lacking that development. It might be kindness, humility, or passion from a mother, or hard work, integrity, work ethic, among other things from the father.

We will see this statistically proven that children with both parents in the household are several times more likely to be successful, and that’s not necessarily a definite indicator that a child will or will not be successful, but I’m just saying that the likelihood of them succeeding are far greater with both parents in the household.

I noticed this issue and I’m passionate about families and children growing up with the opportunity to succeed. This is what prompted me to write my first book, The Truth, Keeping it 100, The Blueprint to Relationships. I had to go back to the root of the issue to address the problem because the only way to fix a problem is to focus on the root cause.

You cannot treat the symptoms you have to treat the actual cause of the symptoms which lies at the root. And at the root of this whole development and community and family culture, you have to go back to relationships. The relationships between a man and a woman. That initial idea, that initial attraction to a person can really be either a detriment or an attribute, addition, or compliment to a person’s life.


In talking to some people around the country about this issue, who they chose when they were younger had really deep roots and major consequences in how their futures unraveled. For the ones that chose partners that didn’t hold up their end of the bargain or they weren’t a good puzzle piece of that family dynamic, those people’s lives took a turn for not the worst, but it wasn’t as successful or prominent as it could have been, or as it could be.

On the other hand, the ones who were very selective about the mate they chose and who did uphold their standards I noticed those people’s relationships were much more likely successful. They had more stability, they had more prosperity, their children had a much greater chance at success. They had usually access to better education and resources.

Again, neither of these things are absolutely final in a child’s future, but they can absolutely be either a detriment or an advantage to them and their future. So with me addressing the root of these issues, I had to go back and tackle some of the things we as people- individual people have to contend with and get over, conquer and move past and graduate from if we want to attain our greatest potential.

That’s where the solutions that I present in the book come from. There are some key concepts I’ve come up with so that at the root of the issue, when you initially start to date and court, its a blueprint to guide you in picking the right person. It’s also to help you recognize who the wrong person is. The reason its so important is because if you choose the wrong person, the byproducts of choosing that person could potentially determine how long you stay down, and how long it takes you to overcome that bad decision and prosper. We have to take a look at the elements of those things.


So we have to make better choices. I’ve already written several articles on how to do that. I’ve already written articles on dating tips, concepts to relationship building, and tips on how to choose the right person. To put this into actionable steps, and build the family dynamic, there are 3 articles available as a supplement to this blog to get the most out of initially building something of value with another person.

11 Concepts to Relationship Building

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