7 Key Areas to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

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Introduction to The 7 Building Blocks of Love

I’ve written a book about building the foundations of relationships, and laid out a basic timeline on how to start fresh, how to narrow your focus, and how to build once you’ve figured out the partner you want to proceed with for longevity.

The last chapter of my book, The Truth: Keeping it 100, The Blueprint to Relationships is about finishing strong, and solidifying a strong foundation. Now to take it a step further, once you’ve grasped those basic concepts, then you can start to focus on 7 key areas that are detrimental to the long term success of your relationship, and I’ll talk about each one briefly.

TRUST- The first building block is trust. People can gain confidence in their relationship when they learn how to trust each other. Have you ever been lied to? Have you been cheated on? Maybe you have been manipulated by someone who you invested time, money and sacrificed for. I’ve been there too. No relationship can thrive-let alone survive- if there is a lack of trust. Trusting is about letting go. It’s about putting someone else in the driver’s seat, with our heart as its passenger.I’m here to tell you there’s no greater joy than to live without worry, fear, or distrust.

FORGIVENESS– the second building block is forgiveness. Forgiving allows you to release the burden of hurt and shame, and move forward in triumph over your life. Have you ever done something you wish you could take back? I have. It hurts deeply. It cuts to the bone. It wreaks havoc and creates a chain of events that cannot be undone, altered, or avoided. It will be very hard to move forward on your journey if you’re always hanging on to past hurts and experiences. The good news is that with time, everything heals. There is a path the healing, and that is through true forgiveness. Forgiveness is for you. Make the decision to release that burden today.

VALUES– the third building block is the concept of values. Knowing your values allows healthy boundaries to be set, and morals to be taken seriously. Values are things that don’t change no matter what circumstances you are faced with. They are core concrete principles that make up a very deep part of who you are. This building block is so important because it allows you to establish core principles, solid foundations, beliefs and understanding. It determines how you raise your children, your level if integrity, and how you treat your partner.

HONESTY– the fourth building block is honesty. Having integrity and “keeping it 100” is a staple of healthy, meaningful relationships. It establishes faithfulness. Often in relationships, a subject that is center stage in discussion is the betrayal of trust. This has been a very hot topic of discussion for a long time. Why are people dishonest? Why do they cheat? Why do they lie? Why can’t people just tell the truth? I don’t believe when people meet, their intentions are to be dishonest, or disloyal. If your partner knows they can expect total and complete honesty, even if it sometimes hurts, this will create a bond of faithfulness that will be very difficult to break, because they know that no matter what, you’re going to give it to them straight, no chaser.

INTIMACY– the fifth building block is intimacy. Intimacy is the foundation of a love connection. Both sides need it and it relieves stress and forms stronger bonds. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own worlds to the point where we don’t see the needs of our partners.It’s a deep connection that involves more than just sex. It’s about making your partner smile, or going out of your way to consider their feelings. When done right, intimacy with the person you love, adore and cherish is worth every second.

Gestures of kindness for the one you love including buying them flowers for no reason, renting a hotel room for an exotic red light special getaway, or taking them to their favorite high end restaurant are all intimate gestures. Lovemaking is just icing on the cake. These things say you love and adore them outside of sex alone. Figure out different ways you can cater to your spouse, and these things together will create that intimate connection you need for long, sustainable growth, which brings me to my next building block.


GROWTH– the sixth building block is growth. Relationships are living, breathing, organisms. You have to allow for personal development and growth, and the knowledge that the two of you will change. What may start out as a “comfortable rut” may turn into outright stagnation.

Everyone deals with change differently, and the two involved have to evolve with it. Growth is about evolution, and the two of you have to evolve without leaving the other person behind. It’s about maintaining your own identity, and including your partner in the direction you’re going with that change. Not only do you need to pursue you own individual growth, but you also need to support the growth of your partner, and work on growing together as well.

ACCOUNTABILITY– the seventh and last building block is accountability. Being responsible for your own actions and holding your partner to a standard creates stronger bonds and a respect of boundaries. Without accountability, there are no boundaries, and no order exists. Accountability forces people to answer for their actions, and prevents them from acting in ways they might otherwise act if they didn’t have to answer to anyone.

Holding yourself to a higher standard- and expecting that your partner will do the same for themselves- is essential in giving your all to the relationship. This is why I call it “keeping it 100”- each of you giving 50 percent isn’t enough. You both need to give it 100 percent.

In my book, The Truth: The 7 Building Blocks of Love set to release soon, I devote an entire chapter to each one of these key areas on the importance of each one as a building block of a stronger relationship. I also have my Relationship Bootcamp Signature Course that goes into even further detail along with the book to bring you a completely life changing relationship experience. This is the second book in the “keep it 100” series.

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