WHAT’S YOUR RROI? (Relationship Return on Investment)

Mario Rivers' Relationship Resolutions


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Recognizing 3 tips to help keep your partner satisfied. “There’s a saying that whatever you won’t do, someone else will…”


Nothing in this world is free. Relationships are no exception. When an investor makes an investment, and he doesn’t get a proper ROI (return on investment), he withdraws his money and replaces it with an investment that has a higher ROI. In regards to relationships, if you don’t have a high RROI (Relationship return on investment-that’s trademarked lol) you will be replaced.

I’m going to divert a bit to make a correlation to relationships. In the workforce and industrial sector, this industry has a body that comes up with safety rules as a standard. OSHA is a regulatory body that makes up safety rules for almost all safety instances for all companies really worldwide. There is a…

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